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Alex Guex // Bio

somatic movement educator BMC®


In 2010, after several years of being a climber and social worker, he met Body-MindCentering® and Contact Improvisation. These two paths became one, embodying his life's questions, redifining the way he experienced himself and the world around him. Meeting his body as a center of guidance and awareness, becoming increasingly sensitive to the physical flavor of life.
In 2011 he followed his path with trust to  the USA for a movement -therapy training with Anna Halprin (Life-art process®). In 2012 with persistant conviction he embarked on a journey of teaching, dancing, and sharing his own research of somatic principles and contact improvisation. 

In 2021,  he is still roaming throughout Europe, offering residential workshops, combining Contact Impro and BMC®. During these years, he has taught in some central CI festivals (1001 grenoble, Freiburg festival, Italy camp, Kontaktland) and he trained intensively with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Urs Stauffer, drawing inspiration and  regenerating his practice. In addition to his somatic educator training (Body-MindCentering®, 2013-2018), he worked several years in nursery, with a deep interest in the early stages of movement development.
Since 2017, he leads his own training in France, the C.I.F.S, a 2  years long program for deepening the experience of somatic principles through and with contact improvisation.

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